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Mudd Law Offices and its attorneys do not make any representations or provide any legal advice by maintaining the contents of this website. Counsel of an attorney should be sought prior to making any decisions related to issues presented herein. Mudd Law Offices and its attorneys disclaim any responsibility for decisions made without legal counsel. Moreover, Mudd Law Offices and its attorneys require a written engagement letter of all clients. Without such a letter, Mudd Law Offices and its attorneys will not and can not provide legal counsel.

Mudd Law Offices and its attorneys will gladly discuss a situation or matter with a prospective client without such an engagement letter. However, an initial discussion as described does not constitute legal advice. Consequently, this website does not constitute legal advice and is presented for information purposes only. All information should be confirmed by legal counsel. Should you wish to discuss a matter with us, please contact Charles Mudd Jr. by phone at 773-588-5410 or by electronic mail.


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