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24 November 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this day of giving thanks!

18 November 2011
Congratulations to our junior associate Jannie Chang who passed the California bar exam. Well done Jannie.

17 November 2011
In Stone v. Paddock, in which Mudd Law Offices successfully co-represented the appellant anonymous speaker John Doe, the First Appellate District of the Illinois Appellate Court issued an opinion in which it adopted a standard for determining when an anonymous speaker's identity may be obtained in association with alleged defamation on the Internet. The standard adopted follows the Third Appellate District in Maxon and requires particularity in a petition seeking the identity of an individual for alleged defamation. In adopting the standard, the Court reversed the lower court's order compelling production of John Doe's identity.

16 November 2011
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. participated on a panel in Chicago, Illinois discussing "Hot Topics in Privacy Law" hosted by the Illinois Chapter of the Nonresident Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

28 October 2011
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. spoke at the Third Annual Utah Cyber Symposium hosted by the Cyberlaw Section of the Utah State Bar at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

1 October 2011
Mudd Law Offices celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Thank you to our clients, colleagues, employees, and friends.

9 April 2011
Mudd Law Offices will offer an initial complimentary (no cost) consultation to anyone that has received notice from an Internet Service Provider that information about them has been sought pursuant to a subpoena.

8 April 2011
On behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mudd Law Offices filed motions for leave to file related authority in three bittorrent lawsuits filed by attorney John Steele in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Specifically, the lawsuits are MGCIP, LLC v. Does 1-316, No. 10-cv-06677; Future Blue, Inc. v. Does 1-300; and Hard Drive Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-1000.

7 April 2011
Vanessa Caleb Herman joined Mudd Law Offices as a Senior Associate.

15 March 2011
Charles participated on a panel with Eva Galperin and Julie Samuels of Electronic Frontier Foundation entitled The Rise and Fail of BitTorrent Indie Film Lawsuits in Room 18ABCD of the Austin Covention Center.

8 January 2011
With saddened heart, we learned of the tragedy that befell our country, the State of Arizona, and, most directly, the staff, friends, and families of those killed and wounded today in Tucson. On behalf of my firm, I convey our condolences, prayers, and thoughts to all those affected.

1 January 2011
We wish everyone a wonderful New Year.



30 December 2010
The Honorable Joan B. Gottschall entered an order and opinion granting, in significant part, our motion to dismiss in the Tamburo, et al. v. Dworkin, et al. and dismissed eight of ten claims.

17 November 2010
Charles Mudd has been named Internet and Cyberlaw Counsel for Safe Communicatons, Inc., the company bringing safe and anonymous tips to the Internet.

17 September 2010
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. moderated a panel entitled "Looking Forward: A Discussion of Hot Topics in Cyberlaw from Consumer and Business Perspectives" at the second annual Utah Cyber Symposium at Thanksgiving Point. In addition to Charles, the panel included Marcia Hoffman from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Jeremiah Johnston from Sedo. The panel provided supplemental materials for the audience.

In addition to the Cyberlaw panel, Charles also spoke on employer response to and regulation of employee-avatars in virtual worlds. The presentation ended with a live viewing of Second Life.

15 July 2010
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. appeared as a speaker at the Utah State Bar Summer Convention in Sun Valley, Idaho and presented a discussion on "Privacy in the Workplace: Electronic Surveillance under State and Federal Law." The Powerpoint Presentation used in the discussion can be downloaded.

29 April 2010
Mudd Law Offices hosted a full-day of complimentary legal consultation to the Park City community.

29 April 2010
Mudd Law Offices moved into its new Park City office located in Historic Old Town at 311 Main Street.

28 April 2010
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. participated as a speaker in the CLE Presentation "Hot Topics in Intellectual Property Counseling: From Start-Up to Initial Public Offering - 2010" hosted by the Illinois State Bar Association's Intellectual Property Section. The PowerPoint Presentation and Supplemental Materials are available.

27 April 2010
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. participated as a panelist in the ABA Teleconference and Live Webcast "Personal v. Professional: Handling Employee Participation in Online Communities".

12 April 2010
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. guest lectured at DePaul University College of Law on issues of litigating matters involving privacy on the Internet.