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Working with Startups, Businesses, and NFPs
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Our team vigorously litigates on behalf of our business clients in state and federal courts throughout the United States. on a variety of contract, employment, intellectual property, and other


Contracts form the basis of many diverse business relationships in commerce. Our principal attorney works with our business clients in advising them on diverse commerce matters and drafting agreements that effectuate the parties' understanding in concise terms.


Mudd Law provides its business clients with sound advice relating to matters of employment. This includes drafting employee agreements, NDAs, NCAs, and other policies adopted within the workplace. We also advise on employment related decisions.


We work with our business clients to protect their brand and reputation. Whether reviewing a press release or advising on responses to negative reviews online, our team provides our business clients with dedicated reputation management.


Startups and entrepreneurs possess an enthusiasm and energy that correlates well with the dynamics of our firm. We collaborate with our startup clients to help their businesses grow and visions develop by providing guidance on approaching investors, corporate structure, crowdfunding, IP, and much more.

Social Media

With a focus on business and Internet law, our team maintains a deep understanding of developments within the social media space. With this knowledge, we counsel our business clients on adopting social media strategies, employee social media policies, campaigns, and more.

Why Choose Us?


Our team works diligently to develop creative solutions to our clients' litigation matters.


We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their interests.


We welcome our clients' communications and involvement in the litigation process.


We invest in understanding our clients to combine this knowledge with legal experience to plan strategically.


We can adapt to changing circumstances.


Protecting our clients interests remain our primary responsibility.