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Today, nearly every business either markets themselves or operates through the Internet. In our view, e-commerce has become commerce. We have the skills and background to work with our clients to effectively and legally operate through the Internet and its various media.


Though everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, this right does not include the right to defame, libel, or slander an individual or business. Our firm has more than a decade experience in pursuing litigation on behalf of those defamed and protecting the anonymity and rights of those who merely exercise truth and opinion. In addition, we represent third parties who host content published by others in responding to subpoenas and protecting their customers.


Recently, ICANN introduced the ability to buy new unique Top Level Domains ("TLDs"). With this development, it becomes ever more important to have a sound domain name policy that exercises reasonableness with diligence.

P2P & BitTorrent

For more than ten years, our firm has represented those sued for alleged downloading and uploading of copyrighted works. We offer free consultations to anyone who receives a letter from an ISP relating to alleged copyright infringement.


Our firm began with privacy as its focus. It remains a significant aspect of our practice. From protecting against stalking, cyberbullying, publication of private photographs information, to drafting privacy policies, implementing privacy audits and more, our team provides our clients with a diverse range of privacy focused services.

Social Media

Nearly everyone operates in or uses social media to some extent. With this pervasiveness, diverse legal issues exist. Our firm can draft and thereafter advise companies how to implement effective employee social media policies. We can pursue those who use social media to defame others. And, we can advise on how to avoid litigation exposure through personal and business use of social media.

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