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Our defamation attorneys and lawyers protect our clients' reputations through litigation, reputation management, and other strategies whether libel or slander. Additionally, we also protect the rights of our clients who speak online anonymously. Further, we represent third parties in defending and/or responding to subpoenas.


Our entertainment attorneys and lawyers represent clients in fine arts, film, writing, photography, and more. Whether negotiating contracts, licensing works, representing clients in litigation, or serving as production counsel, our team provides our artist clients with a full range of services.

Identity Theft

Today more than ever, an individual must remain vigilant to protect their identity. When someone has stolen an individual's identity, our firm can provide responsive representation to mitigate the harm and repair erroneous information on credit reports.


Our litigation attorneys and layers represent our individual clients in litigation focused on defamation, privacy, intellectual property, privacy, reputation, and more.


Our firm provides mediations services where parties seek to resolve their differences in discussions rather than and/or in conjunction with litigation.

P2P & BitTorrent

Mudd Law has represented individuals sued for alleged illegal downloading and uploading of copyrighted works since 2003. Our firm provides a complimentary consultation to individuals receiving notices from their Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") and/or Plaintiffs in this litigation.

Why Choose Us?


Our team works diligently to develop creative solutions to our clients' litigation matters.


We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their interests.


We welcome our clients' communications and involvement in the litigation process.