Advocating for our clients in state and federal courts
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Led by Charles Mudd, our team possesses experience representing individuals and entities in commercial litigation both in state and federal court.


Our defamation attorneys and lawyers possess extensive experience representing individuals in defamation litigation. We protect our clients' reputations by pursuing litigation against those engaging in defamation. We also defend the interests of our clients who have been sued for defamation. This includes filing motions to quash opposes efforts to obtain the identities of our clients. The combination provides us with a deep perspective to protect our clients interests.


Our attorneys and lawyers represent clients in litigation involving a wide variety of Internet related matters including, but not limited to, defamation, privacy, IP, domain names, social media, and more.

Local Counsel

Our firm provides our out-of-state colleagues with local counsel services. To discuss this further, please contact CHarles Mudd.


Our firm provides mediation services both before and during litigation.

Social Media

Our firm provides representation to clients in a wide variety of matters involving social media.

Why Choose Us?


Our team works diligently to develop creative solutions to our clients' litigation matters.


We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their interests.


We welcome our clients' communications and involvement in the litigation process.


We invest in understanding our clients to combine this knowledge with legal experience to plan strategically.


We can adapt to changing circumstances.