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Our knowledgeable attorneys possess a deep understanding and strong focus in core practice areas that affect our clients' diverse needs and interests.

We provide dedicated legal services

We invite you to explore the core practice areas highlighted below and identified in the menu above. Every situation is unique. Should your particular situation not be specifically categorized or described , contact our attorneys to discuss how we can help you. If your situation falls outside our practice, we have numerous colleagues to which we may be able to refer you.


We began with small businesses as the firm's core clientele and continue to advise small to medium size businesses in transactions and litigation.


We commit ourselves to protecting victims of cyber-bullying, particularly children and young adults.


For more than a decade, our firm has protected the reputations of our clients from defamation, defended protectable speech, and advised third party content hosts.


Mudd Law provides robust representation to our business clients on a wide variety of e-commerce matters.

Gaming and

Our principal attorney enthusiastically guides our gaming team in representing a variety of video game clientele. Additionally, we advise on the use of gamification and explore the legal nuances of virtual worlds.

Identity Theft

Our experienced team works with victims of identity theft to resolve financial disputes, clear erroneous information, and repair negative credit.

IP & Domains

We provide solid, knowledgeable representation in intellectual property matters including copuright, trademark, trade secrets, and domain names.


Led by our principal attorney, Mudd Law provides its clients with experienced, strategic litigation representation.


We passionately protect the privacy interests of our clients through a variety of means and guide our business clients on adopting privacy policies.


Through creative, nuanced approaches, our firm works with our private and business clients to build, manage, and protect their reputations.


We share the enthusiasm and energy of our startup clients in building their businesses through responsive legal representation.

Social Media

Our team guides our clients in using social media while avoiding legal minefields and adopting smart policies within their environments.

Why Choose Us?


Our team works diligently to develop creative solutions to our clients' litigation matters.


We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their interests.


We welcome our clients' communications and involvement in the litigation process.


We invest in understanding our clients to combine this knowledge with legal experience to plan strategically.


We can adapt to changing circumstances.


Protecting our clients interests remain our primary responsibility.