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Our firm has experience representing diverse businesses in a wide-range of commercial disputes in both state and federal courts throughout the country.

The Internet has brought with it diverse legal issues and problems. Some of the issues have been highlighted on this page. For some of the areas, we have provided additional information.

Our firm has substantial cyber law experience. Often referred to as Internet or e-commerce law, cyber law encompasses issues involving anonymity online, cybersmear or defamation (slander and libel), intellectual property (trademark, copyright, trade secrets), breach of contract, website agreements (TOS, TOU, privacy policies, social media policies), bloggers and blogging, Web 2.0, virtual worlds, and much more.

The Firm's principal, Charles Lee Mudd Jr., has written on Internet legal issues for more than seventeen years; been a member of and active participant with Internet related bar committees for fourteen years; taught Internet related legal issues for more than seven years at national law schools; and, represented individuals and businesses in Internet or ecommerce issues for more than nine years.

Our firm's attorneys pride themselves on understanding the technology and practice involved in our clients' matters as well as possessing a superb understanding of the legal issues.

Intellectual Property
Mudd Law Offices vigorously pursues individuals who have infringed our clients' intellectual property online. In doing so, our firm understands how to avoid certain indiosyncratic nuances of online use of intellectual property. From pursuing the use of trademarks in metatags and advertisements online, to utilizing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA to remove our clients' copyrighted material, to pursuing domain name disputes in courts and international tribunals, our firm can provide the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your interests.

At the same time, our firm also has a strong IP defense practice. Because the Internet has developed nuanced rules of law that permit the limited use of certain copyrighted or trademarked property within certain contexts, it is necessary to utilize a firm that has a strong background in Internet law.

Please visit our sections on copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, IP litigation for more information.

Jurisdictional Issues
Where our clients have been sued in jurisdictions other than their own in which they have limited or no contacts, our firm has successfully obtained dismissals on their behalf.

Multimedia and Photographs
Having been involved in Internet law since the early 90's, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has substantial knowledge relating to the development and use of multimedia and photographs over the Internet.

Our firm provides representation to individual and entities for a broad variety privacy related issues more fully explained here.

Social Media
Our firm provides representaton to entities developing social media policies.

Combined, our attorneys have been admitted to practice in Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut, and Utah.

Anonymity Online
Mudd Law Offices has substantial experience defending individuals' constitutional right to anonymous speech online. Additionally, Mudd Law Offices represents Internet Service Providers in defending litigation seeking to unmask the anonymity of their customers.
Cybersmear or Internet Defamation
Our firm has substantial experience defending and prosecuting actions for defamation arising from comments made on the Internet. Whether false statements appear on a website, message board, blog, or other forum, our firm aggressively pursues litigation against known and unknown defendants. On the other hand, we have also vigorously defended individuals who have engaged in protected speech online. Please visit our defamation page for more information.

Our firm has appeared in federal courts throughout the United States.

Our firm has developed Terms of Use agreements and privacy policies for a number of individual and corporate clients.

In addition to Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and DMCA Poliies, we also work with our business clients to develop BYOD policies, social media policies, employment agreements, and more.

In the education context, we have developed innovative policy ideas for use of digital devices among schoolchildren to protect their privacy and the interests of the schools.

We have worked with firms throughout the country providing them with solid, dependable local counsel services.


With our depth of knowledge in Internet and technology related law, our attorneys have worked closely with other lead and co-counsel to bring additional insight and consult to sophisticated litigation matters.

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